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Why Is Canada Becoming A Dream Destination For Pakistani Students

Jul 29, 2019

Going abroad for the purpose of studies has been a tradition around the globe since long. In Pakistan, however, this trend has been on a hike since last few years. 

Every year, more than 50,000 Pakistani students go abroad for pursuing higher studies. The popular destinations among Pakistani students for pursuing education are the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, China, and Europe.


Some Prominent Reasons for This Inclination

The prominent reasons, Pakistani students are preferring foreign countries for their education are mainly:

  • Lack of world recognized education facilities in Pakistan
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of recognition of talent 
  • Inadequate well-suited facilities for students.

Sadly, there is not a single university of Pakistan that has made way into the world’s top 100 or even top 500 universities. Moreover, there are no productive part-time jobs for students. 

Even after getting degrees, it is a very hard battle to land jobs at reputed places due to lack of merit-based selections.

Rupee devaluation also has a major role in this case. Youth in Pakistan find it fascinating to go abroad where they can study at world recognized universities while earning money simultaneously and also manage to send some money home too. Exposure is also one of the significant reasons that incline Pakistani students to step outside of their homeland.

As stated earlier, Canada is amongst some other nations which are a sought-after destination for Pakistani students. More interestingly, it has now attracted more and more individuals from Pakistan. Wondering why? Let us delve into it below:

Canada as a Country:

Canada is not just another random country on the globe, it is the world’s second largest country after Russia. Thus, it is easier to guess the diversity, cultural variety and history it can offer to its pursuers along with geographical diversification. 

The more you dig deeper, the more this country surprises you with its charm. With the largest number of lakes to the largest coastline in the world, from polar bear shaped license plates to largest number of doughnut shops in the world; no wonder this country is one of the top tourist destinations of the world as well as among the countries with the highest rates of immigrant’s intake. 

A Positive Image of Canada And Trudeau’s Effect: 

Canada has had a positive image since always. One of the richest countries in the world, Canada is now becoming an absolute favorite destination among expats and students. 

Blame it to the beauty of this scenic country or the reforms brought about the recently elected Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau such as simplifying the immigration procedures, combating climate change, promoting feminism with a gender-balanced cabinet, paying respect to all the religions and what not? Canada is becoming an absolute favorite place among masses around the globe.

 Less Populated:

Canada, despite being the second largest country in the world, does not inhabit that many people. It is accounted as one of the reasons for its rich economy (11th largest in the world), better health and education facilities.

Not to forget Canada is one of the most educated countries around the world with an impressive 99% literacy rate.  

Canada- A Popular Choice:

Canada has been a popular choice of students all over the world. According to a statistical study, in 2016 a whopping 353,000 students picked Canada for higher education. Talking about Pakistani students, in 2010, around 2000 Pakistani students went to Canada for pursuing higher education and this number has only increased in the last few years. 

Some Other Considerable Perks: 

Apart from magnificent Niagara Falls, some of the other considerable perks which Canada offers are:

  • World-Class Education: Canadian education standards are by no means less than those of American, Australian or Britain’s. Canadian universities have made a way in the list of top 50 universities of the world. 

Moreover, they offer a wide range of degree programs in various fields to choose from. Thus, catering to the majority of the students. 

  • Cost-Friendliness: When choosing a university, the first thing that becomes a barrier is cost and fee. When compared with a tuition fee of UK, USA, and Australia, Canada had lower numbers amongst all. Thus, making it a favorite among students. 
  • Living Standards: Studying abroad is not just about the university, it is about housing too. Canada offers very affordable house rents for students as compared to the rest of the world with a yearly expense of up to 15,000 dollars. 
  • Work Opportunities: while you live abroad, you must earn something to bear the expenses. Canada is favorable in this department too as it allows the students to work alongside their study. Students can work up to 20 hours per week except for summer/winter breaks where they can work up to 30 hours per week. One complimentary favor that this country offers is that students don’t always need a work permit for working. 
  • Security: In 2016, Canada was ranked the 8th most peaceful country in the world which leaves no doubt behind why it is a favorite choice. As for young students, it is not easy to live in a foreign country all alone if it does not provide you with ample security measures. 

With crime rates as low as they are in Canada, who wouldn’t choose it for living or even studying? 

  • Immigration Chances: Canada is one of the countries that let students stay after completing their education and encourages them to pursue their careers there. 

One example of this is Post-graduation work permit with the help of which students can get work experience in Canada and can also fund their education if they plan to study further. 

Also, Canada offers immigration options to students too. As in 2016, a survey concluded that 51% of students decided to try their luck at a permanent residency in Canada. 

  • Cultural Celebration: Canada is one of the countries where all cultures and religions are equally celebrated and respected, unlike other countries where being a Muslim is often considered a crime. Justin Trudeau’s cabinet sends his Eid Mubarak messages for Muslims and his encouraging speeches for Muslims of Canada are proof that racism is non-existent in this country. 

The Bottom Line:

All these commendatory facilities and perks make Canada an absolute favorite among Pakistani students. Learning at a Canadian university is prestige and a win-win situation for Pakistani students as upon returning to Pakistan, they get to work at recognized workplaces which otherwise may be a difficult ball to catch. However, if they don’t come back to Pakistan, Canada’s post-graduation work permit and immigration opportunities are there to have their back.

For more information about perks for studying in Canada, please visit the AEO office or give us a call and talk to our experts

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